BGMi iPad View Config File 2023

 BGMi iPad View Config File: Hey BGMi Lover if you are looking for BGMi Ipad View Config File, Then you have come to the right place. because today in this article I will Share the Config file with you. So let’s get started it.

BGMi iPad View Config File is a Configuration file that allows you to customize a third-person view in BGMi Like iPad in Android Devices

What is iPad View Config File?

BGMI iPad view config file is a script file created by a developer. It
contains various types of coding that have been created by a developer. Many
people who are knowledgeable about gaming development find it quite easy to
work with this.

In this Config, not only is the iPad view included, but also a high damage
config file and a lag fix config. Moreover, since all the files are in one,
you only need to use one file and all your work will be done within a single
config file. So let’s learn how to download the
BGMI iPad view config file.

How to Apply iPad View Config File?

To Apply iPad View Config File in BGMi Follow Below Steps:

  1. First of All Download BGM Gfx Tool
  2. Select your game Version
  3. Then Give Storage Permission and Select iPad View
  4. Then click on the Activate Button
  5. Done You have Successfully Applied iPad View in your android Device


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