Download Pubg Global 64 Bit Apk v2.8

Pubg Global 64 bit Apk: Hey, Pubg Lover You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a Download link Pubg Global 64 bit apk + Obb because I’ve given you a straight download link here. That means you can download it with one click, so let’s get started.

Pubg Global 64 bit Apk info

App NamePUBG GL [64 Bit]
Apk Size100 MB
Obb Size676 MB

64 Bit Obb Name: Main.17925.Com.Tencent.Ig.Obb

32 Bit Obb Name: Main.17920.Com.Tencent.Ig.Obb

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What Is PUBG Global 64 Bit?

PUBG Global 64 Bit is a 64-bit version of the well-known PUBG Mobile game. It’s made for devices with a 64-bit core, so play is faster and more effective. As mobile technology has gotten better, 64-bit processors have become the rule. This version of PUBG is made for 64-bit processors, which makes gaming smooth.

Why Choose PUBG Global 64 Bit?

  1. Enhanced Performance: One of the standout features of this version is its enhanced performance. The game runs smoother, with fewer lags and stutters, thanks to its compatibility with 64-bit processors.
  2. Improved Graphics: PUBG Global 64 Bit takes advantage of the higher processing power in 64-bit devices to deliver stunning visuals. The graphics are sharper, and the details are more intricate, immersing you further into the gaming world.
  3. More Stable Gameplay: Gamers will appreciate the stability this version offers. You can engage in intense battles without worrying about crashes or freezes.
  4. Optimized for Modern Devices: As technology evolves, so does PUBG. This version is optimized for the latest 64-bit devices, ensuring you get the best gaming experience possible.


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