How to Improve Your Aim in BGMI: Tips and Tricks

How to Improve Your Aim in BGMI: Having a good aim is one of the most important skills for success in BGMI. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring pro, improving aim will help you win more gunfights and get those sweet chicken dinners.

From tweaking settings to building muscle memory, here are some of the best tips and tricks to improve aim in BGMI.

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Understand the Basics of Aiming

Before you try to improve your aim, you should make sure you know the basics. Here are some important facts:

  • Crosshair placement – Keeping your crosshair at head level where enemies will appear allows you to minimize the large movements needed to target them.
  • Counter recoil – Learn the spray patterns of guns to be able to compensate for recoil. Pull down and opposite the recoil direction.
  • Burst firing – Firing in short 3-5 shot bursts makes recoil easier to control compared to full auto sprays at longer ranges.
  • Movement – Strafing side to side during a gunfight makes you a harder target to hit. Crouching also reduces recoil.

Mastering these basics will make a big difference. But aim requires constant practice and refinement.

Tweak Your Settings and Controls

Dialing in your sensitivity, scope settings, and other options to suit your play style is key.


It’s important to find your right level of awareness. If the response is too fast, you will overshoot. If you move too slowly, you won’t be able to track your targets well. For hip fire sensitivity, try starting around 20–30. From there, make changes based on how you feel.

For sights, set the sensitivity so that you can turn your mousepad 180 degrees without any trouble. You will have more control if you set the lens sensitivity between 10 and 20.

Scope Settings

Get used to how sensitive each lens is. The red dot makes it easy to find a target quickly up close, while the 4x scope is slower but more accurate at long range.

Set the sensitivity of your scope to match the sensitivity of your hip fire. Set a 4x lens to half your hip sensitivity, for example.


Enable gyroscope to improve recoil control. It uses phone tilt to fine tune aim for sprays. Keep gyro sensitivity low, around 100-150. This enhances aim while still allowing hand movement to dominate.

Field of View

A higher FOV of 90-110 increases the visible area on screen making it easier to spot enemies. But higher FOV can affect recoil control and far target accuracy. Find a balance that works for your playstyle.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Simply playing more is one of the best ways to hone your skills. Take advantage of these practice options:

Training Mode

Spend time in training mode trying out guns and practicing sprays on targets. Start close, then move back to control recoil at range.

Also practice strafing and crouch shooting against the moving targets. This builds real game skills.

Arcade Modes

Arcade mode matches like War are great aim practice with constant respawns. Run around taking fights to improve your flick shots and reaction time.

Custom Rooms

Set up a custom room to drill specific skills. For example make a sniper only match or pistol headshots only to improve with those weapons.

Limit combat area size to force more frequent close quarter fights.

Focus on Crosshair Placement

Where you keep your crosshair positioned is critical. Here are some crosshair placement tips:

Keep Crosshair at Head Level

Keep your crosshair centered at head level as you move. This reduces the need for large vertical movements to line up headshots. Make small horizontal adjustments to target enemies.

Pre-Aim Common Spots

As you approach high traffic areas, pre-aim crosshair placements where enemies often hold angles. Pre-aiming doorways, corners, windows and other objects as you advance improves reaction time.

Make Use of Utilities

Smokes and stuns when used properly give you an advantage in fights.

Smoke Grenades

Use smokes to block long sight lines before crossing open areas. Smoking common sniper spots allows you to move safely.

Smokes are also great for reviving teammates or healing in combat. Throw them at your feet to conceal yourself.

Stun Grenades

Landing a stun grenade near enemies slows them down and throws off their aim giving you time to push and get the kill. Cook stuns then throw them before entering buildings to gain an edge.

Master Movement

Sharp movement is essential for dodging shots in close combat.


Strafe side to side in a fight to make yourself a hard target. Use the A and D keys on keyboard or swipe sideways on screen. Don’t stand still!


Crouching reduces recoil and narrows your profile. Crouch shoot at medium range or tap crouch repeatedly in close fights.


Peek corners by leaning left or right to minimize your exposed area. Quickly lean out for shots then back into cover. Leaning makes you harder to hit during trades.

Work on Your Reflexes and Focus

Sharpening your hand-eye coordination and concentration will translate into in-game skill.

Reaction Time Training

Apps and websites have activities designed to improve reaction speed. Things like clicking targets as they appear train fast response.

Improve Concentration

Meditation and doing focus activities boosts awareness, attention and thinking under pressure – key mental skills for BGMI fights. Stay focused each match.

Review Gameplay and Learn from Mistakes

Watching your own matches to see weaknesses is invaluable for growth.

Watch Replay Analysis

Study replays of your games and see which aim situations you struggled with. Did you overshoot targets? React slowly? Miss sprays? Detect the issues.

Identify Weaknesses

Note what guns, ranges or movements you had trouble with. Break down your aiming and find those key areas for focused training. Watch videos of pros for comparison.

Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks

Just like physical activity, gaming requires looking after your body and mind. Be sure to:

  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated during long sessions. Dehydration causes fatigue.
  • Take regular short breaks to rest your eyes and hands. This refreshes your mental focus and reaction time.

Consistency is also key. Don’t just play for days then not at all for weeks. Regular shorter sessions build better muscle memory over time.


Improving your goal takes work, but it’s a fun and gratifying process. Start by finding your ideal sensitivity and settings. Train your skills in training games. Exercises can help sharpen your reactions and help you concentrate. And keep training in games while reviewing your play to really improve your aim over time.

With the right skills and hard work, you’ll be shooting down enemies and climbing to Chicken Dinner fame in no time. Now grab your phone and start working on your skills! Your ideal BGMI highlights are ready.

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