M416 vs AKM Damage Pubg Mobile or BGMi

In PUBG Mobile, the M416 vs AKM are two of the most popular and powerful assault weapons. With additions like sights, grips, and ammo, they can be changed to fit different battle situations. But how do they rank when it comes to the amount of damage they do?

This study will look at the statistics of the M416 and AKM to find out which weapon is the best in PUBG Mobile.

M416 Stats and Damage

The M416 is a versatile assault rifle with a balanced stat profile. Here are its key stats and how they impact damage:

  1. Rate of Fire: The M416 has a rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute, meaning it can dish out bullets quickly during close-quarters engagements. The high rate of fire means more potential damage output.
  2. Base Damage: M416 does 41 base damage per hit. It can kill a Level 2 vest player with 5 shots.
  3. Attachments: M416 has lower vertical recoil, making it easier to equip a scope and other long-range attachments. This extends its effective damage range.
  4. Recoil Control: The M416 has more manageable recoil than many other 5.56 rifles. This makes it easier to control in full auto sprays.

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AKM Stats and Damage

The AKM is a hard-hitting 7.62 assault rifle. Here are its key stats for damage:

  1. Rate of Fire: AKM has a slower rate of fire at 600 rounds per minute. This means less potential damage per second compared to faster-firing rifles.
  2. Base Damage: The AKM does 49 base damage, the highest of any automatic assault rifle. It can kill a Level 2 vest in just 4 shots.
  3. Attachments: The AKM has more vertical recoil, making it harder to attach long-range scopes and control horizontal sprays.
  4. Recoil: The AKM has strong vertical recoil. Controlling full auto sprays is difficult without lots of practice.

M416 vs AKM Damage Comparison

When directly compared, the M416 and AKM have key differences in damage-dealing capabilities:

  1. Base Damage Per Second: The M416 does more raw damage per second due to its much faster rate of fire, despite the lower base damage per hit.
  2. Effective Range: The M416 is better suited for long range fights due to its lower recoil and ability to mount scopes. The AKM is best for short to medium range.
  3. Recoil Control: The M416 has lower vertical recoil, making it easier to land shots consistently, especially in full auto.
  4. Attachments: The M416 benefits more from scopes, grips, and magazines. The AKM is best with just a compensator to reduce horizontal recoil.

Which is Better for Different Playstyles?

The strengths and weaknesses of each rifle make them suited for different combat situations:

Long Range Engagements

The M416’s lower recoil and higher bullet velocity make it the superior choice for long-distance fights where tapping or bursting is needed.

Close Quarters Combat

With its higher base damage and harder-hitting rounds, the AKM has the edge in close quarters where hip firing and spraying is required.

Medium Range

At medium range, the M416’s easier-to-control recoil again gives it the advantage for engagements under 100 meters.

Tips for Using the M416 and AKM

To maximize your damage potential with either rifle, keep these tips in mind:

Burst Fire

Use short 3-5 round bursts for medium to long range fights to maintain accuracy. Never full auto spray at range with either rifle.

Crouching and Going Prone

Crouching and going prone reduces weapon sway and makes controlling recoil much easier.


Leaning left or right around cover helps reduce your profile and angle some of the recoil sideways.

Finding and Controlling Attachments

Look for extended mags, compensators, grips, and the right scope for your playstyle to enhance damage.


While the AKM hits harder per shot, the M416’s faster fire rate, lower recoil, and flexibility with attachments give it the overall advantage at most ranges. But the AKM still reigns supreme in CQC. Understanding the damage profiles and situations suited to each rifle will give you a major edge. Leverage these strategies to dish out damage and get more wins!

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