Best Long Range Guns in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) features an arsenal of long range weapons that can take down enemies from a distance. With large open maps and terrain in BGMI, having a good long range gun can make all the difference between getting the upper hand or being caught in the open.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best long range guns in BGMI:

Best Long Range Guns in BGMI

  1. m24
  2. awm
  3. sks
  4. vss

M24 Sniper Rifle

The M24 sniper rifle is arguably the best long range gun in BGMI. With a bullet speed of 960 m/s and damage per hit of 79, the M24 can take out enemies with a single headshot even if they are wearing a Level 3 helmet.

Some key features of the M24 are:

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High Damage and Bullet Speed

With its heavy 7.62 mm rounds, high muzzle velocity and excellent damage, you can take down targets at extremely long ranges with just 1-2 shots. The M24 has one of the fastest travelling bullets in BGMI.

Excellent Accuracy

The M24 has great accuracy when used with scopes like the 6x or 8x. The recoil is very manageable which allows you to land consecutive shots on target.

Special Sniper Class

The M24 belongs to the special Sniper class of weapons which means it comes equipped with a cheek pad for recoil control and low bullet drop at long ranges.

AWM Sniper Rifle

The AWM sniper rifle is the most powerful long range weapon in BGMI. It spawns only in airdrops and deals the highest damage per hit of 105.

Some key aspects of the AWM are:

Unmatched Damage

The AWM chambers heavy .300 Magnum rounds that can down any enemy with just one headshot regardless of helmet or vest. It can even knockdown players with a shot to the chest through a Level 3 vest.

Built-in Suppressor

The AWM comes fitted with an inbuilt suppressor which hides the gunshot sound and muzzle flash. This makes it perfect for stealth sniping.

Low Bullet Drop

The high muzzle velocity of 915 m/s gives the AWM round a very flat trajectory. You don’t have to worry much about bullet drop even at 700-800m ranges.

SKS Rifle

The SKS rifle is a powerful budget sniper rifle available on all maps. It uses the popular 7.62 mm rounds.

Some notable qualities of the SKS are:

High Damage

The SKS delivers a punch with every shot thanks to its hard hitting 7.62 mm ammo. It can knockdown Level 2 vest enemies with 2 upper body shots.

Semi-Auto Firing

Unlike bolt action sniper rifles, the SKS has a faster rate of fire as it chambers the next round automatically after firing. This allows faster follow up shots.

Good Stability

The SKS has low recoil which makes it easier to land shots at long ranges when scoped in. The recoil settles back to normal faster between shots.


The VSS is an unusual Sniper Rifle with an integrated suppressor. It fires subsonic 9mm armor-piercing ammo.

Here are some notable features of VSS Vintorez:

Integrated Suppressor

The built-in suppressor makes the VSS completely silent. Enemies have no indication where the shots are coming from.

Special Scope

The VSS has a fixed 10x scope for enhanced zoom and improved accuracy at long ranges of 300-400 meters.

High Bullet Speed

With a muzzle velocity of 980 m/s, the VSS rounds have very little bullet drop. You can hit targets precisely even at 300-400 meters.


In the large open battlefields of BGMI, having a good long range weapon can give you a tactical advantage. The M24 and AWM sniper rifles are the kings of long range combat with their phenomenal damage and accuracy. More budget friendly options like the SKS and VSS also pack a punch at long distances. Use appropriate scopes, cheek pads and compensators with these weapons to maximize your effectiveness at long ranges. A skilled long range shooter can make a huge difference in BGMI!

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