Why Do I Get so many bots in PUBG Mobile?

Why Do I Get so many Bots in PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices. With over 100 million downloads, it’s clear that a lot of people love dropping onto the battlegrounds and fighting for that chicken dinner.

However, many players have noticed that their matches seem to be filled with bots rather than real players. This can make victories feel hollow and dampen the intensity that makes battle royale games so fun. So why exactly are there so many bots in PUBG Mobile matches? Let’s take a closer look.

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The Popularity of PUBG Mobile

To understand the prevalence of bots, we first need to recognize just how popular PUBG Mobile is globally. PUBG Corporation hasn’t disclosed an official number recently, but estimates put the total number of players at over 600 million. With this massive player base, there’s always huge demand for matches at every skill level.

Bots Help Populate Matches Quickly

This is where bots come in. Bots are AI-controlled players added to matches to help fill lobbies faster. With so many people playing, PUBG needs bots to help get 100 players into a match quickly, especially during off-peak times or in regions with fewer players. Bots reduce wait times and prevent lobbies from feeling empty.

Bots Improve the Experience for New Players

In addition to populating matches, bots also provide an on-ramp for new players to get into PUBG Mobile more easily. This game has a steep learning curve, and without bots, new players would get eliminated very quickly by more experienced opponents. Bots give rookies a chance to get familiar with the game’s mechanics, map, and flow before facing tougher competition. They help onboard new players to the PUBG experience.

Lower-Skilled Players Get Matched with More Bots

The matching system for PUBG Mobile puts more bots in games with younger and less skilled players on purpose. As you get better at the game and move up the ranks, you play against fewer bots and more real people. This helps make a more gradual increase in challenge, so players don’t have to “get good” all at once against much stronger opponents. As your skill goes up, the number of bots gets smaller.

Some Bots Remain at Higher Ranks

However, even at higher skill levels, you’ll still encounter some bots. Very few players can eliminating 98 or 99 real opponents in a match, so PUBG Mobile keeps just a small bot population to help fill out the remaining slots. Their presence gets reduced but not eliminated completely.

Bots Help Keep Match Length Consistent

Another reason for keeping some bots around is to help achieve consistent match lengths. Having 98 or 99 human players would lead to quicker eliminations and shorter matches. Bots help pad out the mid-game a bit so most matches achieve PUBG’s desired 25-30 minute duration.

Developers Continue Improving Bot AI

Some people complain that the bots in PUBG are too easy and predictable. PUBG Corp., on the other hand, is always trying to improve their AI and make them act more like people. Recent changes have made bots’ friends and opponents smarter in ways that are easy to see.

Too Many Bots Can Be Frustrating

Even though bots are useful, too many of them in a match can be annoying for players who want a tough PvP battle. It’s not satisfactory to get 15 or more bot kills but only 1 or 2 real kills. For each skill tier, developers must find the right mix.

Ways to Get Matched with Fewer Bots

If you want to minimize bots and face more human foes, there are some steps you can take:

  • Rank up and increase your skill level over time
  • Avoid off-peak hours when fewer real players are online
  • Play with friends of similar or higher skill levels
  • Try ranked modes instead of casual matches
  • Request PUBG provide a “hardcore mode” with minimal bots

Bots Likely Here to Stay

Because bots are helpful, they will probably keep being used in PUBG Mobile matches for a while. Try not to get too mad at them as a new player, and use the chance to get better before the battle gets harder. As a veteran player, you should give feedback to the makers and ask for better bot AI and fewer of them at higher tiers.

Focus on Your Own Improvement

At the end of the day, you should think more about how well you do than about bots. Try to get better at what you do and move up the ranks to face more people. Look over your matches and learn from where you went wrong. Whether or not there are bots, being the last player left after a battle is a big deal.


Even though there are a lot of bots in PUBG Mobile matches, they are there for a good reason. They help fill up matches fast, help new players get used to the game, and keep the length of matches steady.

As you get better, you’ll play against fewer bots and more real people. The best ways to lower bots in your matches are to give feedback to writers, play at busy times, and rank up. But try not to get too angry with them. Instead, work on making yourself better on the battlefields, and that chicken dinner will taste even better.

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